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10 Uses for Leap Motion, 2013’s Wooshable Gesture UI

According to readwrite.com, this little gadget is so amazing, other companies interrupted their own product demo to demo it on video.

What’s even scarier is that you can already pre-order this – yes, you can buy it. And it’s only US$70.  More info at Leap Motion.

What could this spell for 2013 computing? Let me see:

  1. Crush and throw gesture to close windows.
  2. Wave at the computer to wake it up from hibernation. (I’ve always hated jiggling the mouse.)
  3. Table Tennis games developers rejoice! Ping Pong gamers can hardly wait.
  4. “Like” a video on YouTube by clapping.
  5. No more CTRL-ALT-DEL! Just throw your arms up in the air and your computer will ask if you want to reboot. Then, just slap your face to confirm.
  6. Make strangling actions when your iDevice refuses to sync properly. This causes iTunes to offer a backup restore.
  7. Your computer automatically sets a snooze alarm for 15 minutes when you lay your head on the keyboard.
  8. Armchair conductors rejoice! Game developers, there’s your new market.

    armchair conductor

  9. A whole new world opens up for online make-up tutorials; and last but not least:
  10. Make your computer bark ferociously when your cat strolls across your keyboard.

I think I’ve just convinced myself to pre-order one.