OCM: Online Community Management for Social Media is a course I’m conducting at the Institute of Systems Science at the National University of Singapore. The course is 70% funded by the WDA if you are Singaporean or a PR. For more info on the course, please visit the ISS website.

If you’re here because you’ll be attending my the course soon: first, thank you for choosing it! I hope you’ll find it useful.

Here are a bunch of things to prepare before you attend:

1. Social Media Accounts

facebook and twitter1This course assumes you’re social media-savvy. Meaning most popular social media tools should not be alien to you. It’s ok if you don’t use them regularly. It’s also ok if you’re not an expert – so long as you do not find it difficult to pick up. That’s what being “savvy” means! :)

  1. Facebook: We will talk a lot about Singapore’s most popular social network, Facebook.  For social media managers, it’s best if you have admin access to your company’s Facebook Page.
  2. Please join/request to join the OCM course’s Facebook Content Staging Group.

More : If time and opportunity permits, we may touch upon the Feedly news reader and Trello  collaboration tool. 

“Do I need to bring  a laptop?”  There will be PCs or Macs available in the classroom, but you’re free to use your own laptop. There will be WiFi. As we will be doing class exercises involving content, you may access to your own collection useful. We will use various online tools and social media channels for inspiration and hands-on exercises.

2. #issocm

This is the hashtag for this course. If you tweet, post, Instagram about this course, do tag your post #issocm. You can check out what past participants have posted or what I think is relevant to OCM.

3. Getting to the Institute of Systems Science

Link: Detailed driving and public transportation instructions to ISS 

We’re located at the south-eastern end of the National University of Singapore, along Heng Mui Keng Terrace. Our postal code is 119615.

We are opposite the Yusof Ishak Institute (of South East Asian Studies).

You can find detailed driving instructions and public transportation instructions here.

ISS Shuttle ($1 per trip payable by EZ-Link)

ISS NUS operates a shuttle bus from Dover MRT station (7.30am, 8am, 8.30am) to the ISS Building. Payment is via EZ-Link only (NETS flashpay won’t work!).

Please see this ISS Shuttle Bus link for details.

Pick up your course materials from the lobby. My colleagues will also inform you which classroom to go to.

5. Contacting Me

Leon_Apr2013_133x188If you have any questions, feel free to email me at leonchia@nus.edu sg, or leave a comment below. I would very much like to hear from you as to what you expect from attending this course.

You can also link up with me on Twitter @leonchia, LinkedIn or just Google my name to find me.

6. Post-Course Resources:

1. OCM Workbook v1.8 (Nov2015)
2. OCM Workbook Related v1.6 (March  2015)
3. OCM Summary Steps


2 thoughts on “OCM

  1. Hi Leon,
    This is Susan and I will be attending your course tomorrow. We are piloting a social collaboration platform in our company and I will like to learn more about online community management to share with internal teams how to collaborate better globally.

  2. Hi Susan, apologies for the late reply! WordPress didn’t send me a notification which they usually do. -_-

    Hope you enjoyed the course! It was great talking to you.

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