About Ambiently

Leon_Apr2013_133x188I began this blog intending to cover some of my favourite science-like, infotech-ish, web-stuff topics, like web 2.0, future science, #scifireality, internet trends and gigantic robots.

In late 2012 I joined the Institute of Systems Science at the National University of Singapore to develop courses in social media and online engagement/community management. On this blog I plan to write about this topic, with a particular focus on the topic of measuring online community. Specifically I’d like to see how far I can take measurement in a non-technical way, to help the many of us in the field of online communities to better measure them and report to our bosses who like to bug us for statistics, then question whether we know what we are doing. As if there are such things as social media gurus. Just kidding. :)

Course I conduct: Online Community Management for Social Media

Disclaimer 1: I do not claim to be a social media guru. I do not claim to be sophisticated. But I do want to say that I want to be helpful to fellow online community managers, specifically the ones in Singapore, the ones from companies still struggling to get a hold on effective social media, with minimal funds and resources. We still have some ways to go compared to the US market or to resource-strong big companies. I’d like to help.

Disclaimer 2: this blog contains personal opinions which may not represent the official views of my employer, the Institute of Systems Science or the National University of Singapore.

Contact Info:
My Twitter handle is @leonchia and I tweet on online community management with the hashtag #issocm.

Email: leonchia {at} nus dot edu dot sg


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