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Designing Content: Of Vegetarians, Bugs and the Matrix

Content Hexagrid Exercise
Content Hexagrid Exercise

How do you go about designing and thinking up online content for a library …. associated with a religion? Using the content hexagrid, this participant of the Online Community Management course thought up some interesting ideas. Besides talking about the religion itself, its figures and philosophy or sayings, there are other “lateral content” ways to engage the audience in categories Singaporeans find of interest.

For example: food. In this case: you could showcase vegetarian dishes, presented in quality photos or in the context of representing frugality and simplicity in diet. You could talk about how to prepare such dishes, or what are the substitutes for alcohol in cooking and where to buy ingredients. By engaging in a category (food) that is universally popular, one can maintain interesting content while still relating it to the principle subject. Another powerful tactic is to use photos – but first you need to identify a visually attractive subject or element in your case. Here, it would be photos of monuments, statues, scriptures and art relating to the religion.

What about celebrities and the entertainment scene? In my course, I ask participants if they can think of some way to associate their brand/company with the current entertainment scene. Would this work with a religion? It can – take for example, this participant cited that The Matrix has Buddhist elements in its story.  Other movies/TV shows cited include Running on Karma and the classic Journey to the West. Did you know that the actor Orlando Bloom, the singer Tina Turner and director George Lucas are also Buddhists?

Another way we categorize and design content is via the 40:40:20 Rule. The second 40% represents “content that gives or creates value to the community or members”. For example, what can you post about that gives your fans valuable information that improves their experience of your brand/association? An example would be tips that they appreciate. In the case of the Buddhist Library, it could be the aforementioned “How to cook delicious vegetarian food” or – something that I myself appreciate very much: “How to get rid of pests/insects in your house without killing them.” – the latter example is excellent.

I use a plastic bag. :)

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