A Seat by the Stars

A seat by the stars represents a position I’d like to be, and expect to be – sometime in the future. One day, we shall fly into space, and the window seat will not look out into sky and sunset, but a star-studded velvet black. One day, giant robots will be reality, and there will be reasons why mankind will not just build spaceships, but also giant space suits.

We will live in a world where the terms “robot”, “machine” and “computer” are likely to be as passe as terms like ‘”typewriter”, “disk drive” and “folders”.

Science fiction has already started to become reality – as witnessed in technologies like computer tablets and the Siri Voice Assistant. I hope for a day that even the term “science” becomes question, for it shall resemble magic.

Wireless electricity, foldable screens and paper batteries already exist. We are not far from the likes of teleportation, space elevators and hopefully, a cure for cancer.

We live in a time of ever quickening science and technology. It moves so fast that it may seem like magic to those who aren’t aware.  This blog shall document my own thoughts about this, and I hope one day, I will be able to have a seat by the stars.


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