Monthly Archives: October 2011

Technology for our children

Lately, Microsoft has produced a number of beautiful videos showing their vision of the future. I just watched a new one this morning on Mashable.

Looks good, except most likely it will come to fruition (pun intended) through Apple, LOL. But jokes aside, it is important that we today do not take for granted that the way we do things today is the way we will do things tomorrow. I think too many people here believe the notion that we are a high-tech society, and accept that we have today is considered high-tech. Except, if you look closely, many people are struggling with old technology – email, paper (printers!), cash. Think about it, none of these are new, in fact they are outdated. What happened to the idea of a paperless society, like the one shown in the video.

Tech companies are close to bringing such technology into reality, and yet many people still view them as science fiction. I.e. not seriously. And yet, just two months ago, Apple’s Siri voice assistant was considered science fiction. Two years ago, the iPad was science fiction.

The point is that no one should accept what we have today as what will still have tomorrow. We need to take a leap of faith and believe that a vision like Microsoft’s is possible. In fact if you read the internet widely, you will see many instances of these technologies – like bendable screens – being born.

Bend technology to serve YOU – don’t allow it to control or frustrate your life. We need to support burgeoning technology that will be the everyday tools of our children. Don’t pass to them technology that is outdated in their lifetimes.


A Seat by the Stars

A seat by the stars represents a position I’d like to be, and expect to be – sometime in the future. One day, we shall fly into space, and the window seat will not look out into sky and sunset, but a star-studded velvet black. One day, giant robots will be reality, and there will be reasons why mankind will not just build spaceships, but also giant space suits.

We will live in a world where the terms “robot”, “machine” and “computer” are likely to be as passe as terms like ‘”typewriter”, “disk drive” and “folders”.

Science fiction has already started to become reality – as witnessed in technologies like computer tablets and the Siri Voice Assistant. I hope for a day that even the term “science” becomes question, for it shall resemble magic.

Wireless electricity, foldable screens and paper batteries already exist. We are not far from the likes of teleportation, space elevators and hopefully, a cure for cancer.

We live in a time of ever quickening science and technology. It moves so fast that it may seem like magic to those who aren’t aware.  This blog shall document my own thoughts about this, and I hope one day, I will be able to have a seat by the stars.